On The Road #3 (OTR3) with Leben and Erde, to the end of the road in the northeast

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Summary of trip: Early August to late September 2002, 60 days and about 10,000 miles

Drove D.C. to Maine (Acadia National Park)

Ferry to Nova Scotia

Toured just about all of Nova Scotia, spending a week at Inglenosh

Ferry to Newfoundland

Drove entire island in a week

Ferry to Quebec and Labrador

Drove Trans-Labrador Highway as far as we could, but had to turn back when we reached the end of construction. Took Ferry back to Newfoundland and took a three-day ferry several days later to Happy Valley Goose Bay.

Reached the end of the road in Northwest River, Labrador.  (Read Lure of the Labrador Wild by Dillon Wallace about his and Leonidis Hubbard's 1903 trek into Labrador, which was fatal to Leonidis.)

Took Trans-Labrador Highway counter-clockwise to Labrador City and then down Baie Comeau, Quebec.

Ferry to New Brunswick.

Traveled to Price Edward's Island, where we spent a week.

Drove via New Brunswick, Maine and all other points in between to home in D.C.

Oh, what glorious memories I still have of this trip.


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